What is Communty Support Residential (CSR)?


Recovery involves a process of restoring or developing a meaningful sense of belonging and positive sense of identity apart from one’s condition while rebuilding a life despite or within the limitations imposed by that condition.” SAMSHA


The CSR program provides services and supports for those adults who live within HRDI residential homes to help them meet the following recovery goals: achieve residential stability; increase their skill levels and obtain greater self-determination. Consumers attend day treatment programming and receive on site therapy including dual diagnosis treatment through a certified provider.


  • CHRISTOPHER HOUSE: Christopher House offers 24-hour supervised residential living for adult males who have an extensive history of psychiatric hospitalization and difficulty avoiding re-hospitalization.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT RESIDENTIAL HOUSE: Community Support Residential Housing consists of supervised supportive residential programs for persons referred by the Illinois Department of Mental Health. Qualifying individuals have had multiple admissions to an inpatient psychiatric facility within one year or have been hospitalized at least six months out of the year.
  • 10901 HOUSE: This residential program offers an array of individualized support services to eight adult males with psychiatric illness while they reside in a stable apartment setting.
  • WOMEN’S SUPPORTIVE HOUSING: A HUD-funded program that provides supportive housing and mental health services to 16 women over the age of 18 who have been classified as homeless immediately prior to admission.  Women referred to this program can be unfunded (without insurance).

Please call our Intake Department at (773) 660-4630 to obtain more information about becoming of resident of one our CSR programs.


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