What is the Adult Mental Health Services (AMH) program?

Adult Mental Health


  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Group Services
  • Community Support Groups
  • Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Therapy (Individual, Family and Group)
  • Case management Services
  • Psychiatric Services



PSYCHOSOCIAL REHABILITATION (PSR) GROUP SERVICES: PSR is a service that is offered during the day in the form of group sessions.  These skill based teaching groups, such as Anger Management and Symptom Management, teach adults how to cope with their mental illness and live productively in the community.  PSR is offered Monday through Friday for several hours per day.


COMMUNITY SUPPORT GROUPS (CSG): CSG is a community based group service that is offered several times per week. Adults are able to participate in groups geared to promote integration and rehabilitation in the recovery community through activities in natural settings such as churches, parks, malls, restaurants and schools.  CSG focuses on therapeutic interventions that help consumers learn how to manage their illness and how to use social supports and community resources.

INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT SERVICES (IOS): IOS is a facility-based program that offers group therapy for at least 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. These services are geared for consumers who are at risk of, or who have an intensive history of, psychiatric hospitalizations.  Consumers are transferred from IOS into our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services program where they continue to get treatment on a time unlimited basis.

THERAPY/ COUNSELING SERVICE: Therapy/counseling service is a treatment modality that uses interventions based on psychotherapy theory and techniques to promote emotional, cognitive, behavioral or psychological changes.



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