What are Medication and Psychiatric Services?

Are you having difficulty getting your psychiatric medication because of lack of funds!

Are you uninsured but need to see a psychiatrist?

Do you or someone you know need assistance obtaining mental health treatment?





If you are currently uninsured and live in the City of Chicago you may be eligible to receive your psychiatric medications at no cost.  Call the intake department of Human Resources Development Institute to find out if you qualify for the below listed programs.



For uninsured adults within the city of Chicago, HRDI is able to provide psychiatric evaluations at no cost to participants. Clients are eligible to receive mental health assessments, case management services, psychiatric evaluations, medication administration and monitoring. Clients are also able to receive psychotropic medication at no cost.


HRDI has created a program to serve all uninsured clients (clients without Medicaid) who have a severe mental illness. Clients are eligible to receive mental health assessments, treatment planning services, case management services and psychiatric medication services from a certified psychiatrist. Clients are able to receive psychotropic medication at no cost.


Who are psychiatrists?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has had at least four years of additional training after medical school in the field of psychiatry. 


What happens when I meet with a mental health prescriber?

During the evaluation, you will be asked about your general health as well as your emotional health.  Please be prepared to provide information about any medications (prescription, over the counter, supplements or herbal) you are taking. You will be asked about medical conditions, family medical and psychiatric history, and allergies.  It is also important to let your clinician know about any history of seizures, head injuries, eating disorders, and alcohol or substance use as these can impact medication.   If at the end of the evaluation, the prescriber thinks medication would be beneficial, he/she will make specific recommendations, discuss possible side effects, provide instructions for taking the medication and answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have.  Then a follow up appointment will be scheduled to discuss how well the medication is working and if any modifications are needed.   If you have had prior psychiatric treatment, either outpatient or in a psychiatric hospital, it would be helpful to bring a copy of your records with you to the appointment.


What if I just need medication?

Some people who are stable on psychiatric medication only need occasional follow up visits and medication monitoring and training.   However, many people do best when they combine psychotherapy and medication management.  Therefore, your prescriber may recommend that you see a psychotherapist in addition to taking medication.


Will I become a different person if I take medication?

No. Most people who take medications are glad to feel like themselves again and experience relief when symptoms of anxiety, depression, etc. are significantly reduced.


How does the prescriber decide what medication is best for me?

Medication decisions are made based on several criteria, including particular difficulties you are having, other medications you are taking, and any medical problems you may have and even medication effects in other family members.


Why did the psychiatrist prescribe one medication for me, but a different one for someone else?

Responses to medication are highly individualized. A medicine that works well with one person may work very differently in a second person.


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