FAQ About The Division of Mental Health (OMH)



What services and programs does HRDI provide?

Human Resources Development Institute, Inc. (HRDI) is known nationally as a behavioral health services organization which provides services in Illinois and Alabama.  HRDI provides mental health, prevention and gambling services, as well as, substance abuse prevention and treatment and community health education.

What services does the Division of Mental Health provide?

The Division of Mental Health provides intensive, community based outpatient programs and supportive rehabilitative residential programs for individuals or consumers (18 years of age and older) diagnosed or suffering with severe mental illness.  Some of the services provided include: Case Management; Individual and Group therapy; Medication evaluation, prescription, and management; Crisis Services, Employment services and Residential Support Services. Please see page two for a complete listing of services.

Does my medical insurance cover treatment?

Please check with the HRDI intake department to confirm if we accept your form of insurance.

I don’t have any insurance, does HRDI provide services to uninsured consumers?

HRDI has several programs for individuals who have no form of insurance.  Homeless women without insurance are able to secure housing at HRDI and unfunded consumers who reside in the Chicago land area are also able to receive free psychiatric evaluations, assessments and certain types of psychotropic medication at no cost.

Will I have to pay for services at HRDI?

People who have Medicaid or a Medicaid HMO are eligible for medically necessary mental health services at no cost to the person. People without insurance are also eligible for certain services at no cost as well. All services must be authorized by the Department of Mental Health.

Can I get psychiatric medications at HRDI?

If you are a consumer of HRDI you can be seen by a certified psychiatrist at HRDI who will provide you with an evaluation and a prescription for medication.  The psychiatrist will also provide medication monitoring, training and 90 day follow up evaluations.

What if I can’t afford my prescription medication?

HRDI is sensitive to the needs of some consumers who simply cannot afford certain critical medications. HRDI generally prescribes medications that consumers are able to access through their Medicaid Card or a Medicaid HMO.  For those consumers in the COC/NMR program or in the ACS program, HRDI provides psychotropic medications at no cost.

What if I or someone in my family needs crisis services?

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911. When the situation is not life threatening but you or your family need an immediate crisis assessment, HRDI clinicians currently located at Jackson Park Hospital, St. Bernard Hospital and Roseland Hospital can provide you with a crisis assessment and link you to an appropriate provider.

Where are the offices of the Division of Mental Health located?

  • Southeast Office: 1749 E 75th Street, Chicago, IL. 60649
  • Roseland Office: 33 E. 114 Street, Chicago, IL. 60628
  • Auburn/Gresham Office: 1140 W. 79th St, Chicago, IL. 60620
  • Dr. C. Vincent Bakeman Center: 340 E. 51st Street, Chicago, IL. 60653
  • Recovery and Recreational Center (Drop In Center): 1757 E 75th Street, Chicago, IL. 60649

What are the hours of operation for HRDI? 

Most of the offices of HRDI operate between 9am and 5pm.  Please call and ask for specific information at the office nearest to your home by dialing (773) 660-4630.

I’m an adult. How do I become a consumer of HRDI’s Division of Mental Health?

Call the HRDI Intake department to schedule a mental health assessment and/or screening for you or your family member.  The Intake Department also provides referrals for ineligible consumers to local providers in the community.

OFFICE: (773) 660-4630
FAX: (773) 660-4650


Where can I refer my child?

HRDI has a Child and Adolescent (C&A) Division that specializes in both mental health and substance abuse treatment for children.  Call and speak to a C&A staff member at HRDI by phone at (773) 660-4630.


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